12 Weeks to a Better & Healthier You with Michele Burklund and Me

As the great Jerry Maguire says, "Help me help you!" Dr. Michele and I have been brain storming for a long time how we can combine our skills into a unique program and wouldn't you know it, here it is!  As a naturopathic doctor, Michele has seen many patients get super excited about starting a new health protocol and then when she see's them 6 weeks later they still haven't started it.  How does this happen?  Well, they need more than just a great plan.. they need MOTIVATION!

Our program is the perfect combination of expertise and motivation.  Dr. Michele Burklund performs the initial consult reviewing previous chart notes, labs, imaging, etc and creates a 12-week program just for you.

Next, and most importantly, I will work individually with you over the course of Three 60 - Minute Sessions to keep you progressing forward by providing the necessary accountability, guidance and encouragement to take action on your health game plan. It's gonna be life changing!

And if that wasn't enough, Dr. Michele Burklund and I will also be hosting weekly calls to keep your health mojo going! 

If you want to get healthy, laugh a lot, and reach your health and wellness goals you must enroll in this program!