Super Secret Advanced Sales! Shhhhh, Don't Tell...

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Calling all sales people!! Oh, and people who think they aren't sales people, but you actually are but don't want to admit it!! Who would like to spend less time on the phone and experience the same amount of results in your business or better? Anybody interested in how you can have more clients eager to hear from you? What about increase your sales from where you are currently? Anybody want to increase your income by an additional 10% this coming year?

Well, if you said yes to these questions than I am going to share something that will revolutionize the way you do business!!! It is a brand new approach I (and I alone) came up with and if you’ll apply what I am about to impart to you even a little bit, you will grow your business to amazingly high levels. Levels only people the like of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, Steven Seagal, Paula Abdul and Ryan Seacrest have ever seen.

Are you ready for the earth shattering, weather changing phenomenon that is sweeping the country? You are? Okay.The brilliant idea I am going to share is… Now this info should stay within the walls of those reading this post ‘cause if it gets out it will become a global epidemic and you may lose your edge over the competition.

Okay, so here goes…You should get more referrals!!! Bam! There, I said it!! I know, astounding concept, huh? You didn’t think of that did you? That’s why I am the one writing this and your reading it. Because I am a pioneer!

Some of you may be thinking, “I can see how you, David, the king of referrals can obtain them, but I am just a mere human and you are obviously part alien. How can I also, do the same?” Well, never fear. I am going to prove that you do not have to be from space to experience out of this world results. Here are four quick tips that will enhance your ability to get referrals and increase the amount and quality of them as well.

4 Tips to Get More Referrals

1)    Ask, Ask, Ask – This is obvious, I know. Everyone in any type of sales position knows the importance of having a constant flow of referrals to continue to grow or maintain their business, but for whatever reason can’t get themselves to ask for the referrals. This happens for 2 reasons: Either they are lazy and sloppy in their business or the are intimidated to ask for fear of looking folish or too “salesy”. Think about it this way, if you would like more referrals wouldn’t it stand to reason that others would too? By this logic you have every right to ask for them and if you don’t ask you will not get them. The worst thing that has happened to me so far is someone told me “no”. Fortunately that experience didn’t cause me to exlpode which means I can ask someone else without fear of explosion. Good to know that. It starts by simply asking for the business.

 2) (If applicable) Scout Area Before Meeting – If you find yourself in a sales position where you go to the office or home of a client arrive in the area 20-30 minutes early. By doing this, you will not only ensure that you are on time for your meeting, but also allow you to check out the other businesses or potential clients in the neighborhood. This will also allow you to prime your prospects with great local business leads when you are in the process of getting referrals. When they are running out of ideas you can simply ask “How about ACME Business next door? Do you know who I might ask for there?”

3)     Prep Client in Advance – Remind your client to be thinking of who he/she knows that might benefit from the product or service you provide. Not that they would buy, but who would ‘benefit’”. What this does is cause our prospect to actively think of others who would be candidates and therefore psychologically they are now selling themselves on the benefits, which increases their likelihood of buying as well. Also, mention that you will catch him/her after your meeting to go over that list of possible referrals. When you prepare your Contact ahead they will not be surprised when you follow up with them later.

4)     Enthusiastically Expect – Your enthusiasm for what you do is contagious and will rub off on your client. When you enthusiastically expect to get referrals something happens to your physiology that effects those you are around and makes them more likely to be giving you high quality referrals. I have had clients say to me after handing over 4-7 referrals that “I never give out referrals”. That has everything to do with the fact that when I walk in to sales situation I know with certainty that the service I provide is so good that they will want others to share in the fun. Just expecting to get referrals and asking for them enthusiastically will get you that extra one or two to bring you over the top in your business.

I encourage you to apply these brilliant revolutionary tips to your business and I’ll virtually guarantee that you’ll experience unprecedented growth and quite possibly join me and Steven Seagal to receive the levels of success you deserve.