2 Great Time Management Questions

Thanks to my dear friend Leah Simpson for first teaching these questions years ago. They have proven instrumental in my understanding of how I manage my time....

Time Management. What an interesting concept. In many ways it doesn’t really exist because time continues, we can’t manage it. We can only use it. So, how do we insure that we are using it effectively?

In my experience coaching people, there have been two simple questions that helps to guide people on how to use their time.

I encourage you to write these down in bold letters and then post it right next to your desk.

#1 Is this the most valuable use of my time right now?

When confronted with that question, it’s usually not a difficult answer. Honestly, you know. You will know if you’re wasting time because the question is geared to you. Is this the most valuable use of time right now? By asking yourself this question, answering honestly and adjusting your focus when necessary will keep you on track.

In case there is any doubt if what you are doing right now is the best use of your time, ask yourself the second questions, which is:

#2 Is what I’m doing, right now, moving me closer to my goals?

One, this implies that you have goals. Hopefully, you do. If not, then this is probably a good opportunity to create some before moving forward.

By asking this simple but direct question you are helping yourself to weed out the things that waste your time. Sometimes we have projects that we believe need to get done, and honestly, they’re not that important in terms of the goals and directions that we want for our career and life.

Putting these questions in front of you and periodically checking in with yourself will keep you on track. It will keep you moving in the direction of hitting your goals and achieving the things you want in your life.

Is this the most valuable use of my time right now?
Is what I’m doing moving me closer to my goals?

Simple questions. Keep it simple. Move forward.