Pump Up the Jam!! What Music Motivates You?

Music has an unbelievable power to inspire and motivate us. We have all had moments in our life when a song has picked us up off the ground and got us back into the game or at times has taken us from good to great in business, family or personal lives.

Music has the power to help us focus, relax, laugh & even allow us to cry. Music has the ability to change our emotional state and move us in ways that the spoken word cannot. Sometimes it is just the feeling it gives us or the words within the song get us thinking and challenge us to be better. Many of us have that one song that whenever the “chips are down” we pop it in our iPods and suddenly all is clearer, better, sweeter, happier, livelier, calmer etc…

I would like to know, what is that one song for you? What song gets you going, inspires or has inspired you to “be all you can be”? In addition, we all have a story tied to the song so, what is your story? Or, to put it another way, why is that particular song so moving for you?