3 Commitments and 90 Days - Part 2

Welcome back to those who are following me on my journey to drop 28 lbs in 90 days! For those new to this blog, this is the second part in a 13-week series on my journey to health and wellness. Feel free to check out my 1st installment  3 Commitments in 90 Days to get more details. So, after one week I am 4 and 1/2 lbs closer to my target, weighing-in at 218.5 lbs (Previous weight was 223 lbs). Great news, right? Well, sure it's a good start, but like others who have started out fast, whether it be in fitness, business or sports, "It's not how you start, it's how you finish that matters." So, while I am pleased with the weight loss, I am cautiously optimistic since I still have another 12 weeks to go before I realize my goal.

The highlights from last week center around me keeping each of my commits! I know that they aren't anything unbelievable, but I am proud nonetheless (I actually looked it up in the dictionary and nonetheless IS a word)

Marathon Grimace2
Marathon Grimace2

Giving up diet soda was difficult and not eating red-meat was challenging but, one thing I am most proud of was my ability to exercise everyday and get several days of running in my schedule. Anyone that knows me, knows that running has caused me much pain at times and has provided some great humorous stories for everyone else. (See the picture I included? That is not a smile, that's PAIN!). That being said, I am not so much a fan of running. However, during these past 7 days I have run on 4 separate days (Covering approximately 12 miles), walked 3 times (One 4 hour mountain hike, and two 1-hour long treks on the Burke-Gilman Trail). Additionally, 5 out of the 7 days I managed to get in at least 25 squats, 25 push-ups and 25 sit-ups (and sometimes more) to begin the process of strengthening my core.

Needless to say, I am surprised to see (after all that work) that I don't look much different in the mirror then last week.... Of course I'm kidding! I realize  it's gonna take 2 weeks before I see massive progress and look like my 195 lbs past self, right? Okay, so it is going to take time, but I am excited to see the progress and I hope to hear your wonderful words of encouragement, like last week. (Thank you to all who commented on last weeks blog, via the post, Facebook and all those who sent me individual notes of encouragement - It means a lot and keeps me motivated as I hope it does to you)

So, in order to keep the excitement going I have decided to add one commitment to this next week..... You ready for it?..... Here it comes..... I am going to use my Greenstar Juicer to make a vitamin packed power drink/meal in the morning. Included in this liquid meal will be Greens Powder to boost Alkaline pH, Blueberries for antioxidents, Bananas because they go good with smoothies, Spinach to help prevent cancer (among other things) & other good stuff  like Coconut Milk, for added electrolytes and help make the smoothie taste better to me. This is going to rock!

Well, I'd loved to hear your thoughts and feedback.... Have a great week. See you on the next post!

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