30 Day Experiment: A Salad a Day (Revisited)


For the month of September I am going to revisit this experiment I did last April 2013. Here is the post I wrote after complete 30 straight days of eating at least one salad. I look forward to doing this again. I challenge others to do the same and see how good you feel afterward...

For my next installment of my 30 Day Experiment I chose to eat a salad every day for the entire month of April. I am not sure about you all, but for me, the thought of eating "rabbit food" everyday was a daunting task considering my propensity for foods consisting of meats and breads (ie: pizza, burgers, sandwiches etc...), where the only vegetables I ate with regularity were tomatoes and potatoes in the form of ketchup and french fries. Okay, so I am not quite that bad, but I was eager to see if I could step up to this next challenge. As this month concludes I am surprised (but happy) to say that I lived up to that commitment and am excited to continuing this practice for the foreseeable future. My hope, as I embarked on my 30 day journey to infuse more ruffage into my daily life, was twofold:

1) Would adding a salad of any kind, without "doing" anything else, be sufficient enough to aid in my weight loss? In essence, could I subtract by adding?

2) How will simply adding a salad affect my energy and attitude?

The guidelines I gave myself were very simple and extremely forgiving. Whether it was your light House salad, heart healthy Spinach salad, Tasty Ahi Tuna salad or your 3200 calorie monstrosity of a Taco salad (not recommended) didn't matter. Except for salads of the pasta variety, nothing was off the table. I placed absolutely no judgement on the type, just whether I got one.

Well, after losing 7 pounds, taking less naps, completing many tasks this month and getting super motivated to revitalize a project that has been on the back burner for approximately 8 years, I'd say my energy was pretty good. Was it all because I chose to eat salads every day? I can't be certain, but I will admit that it was at minimum a contributing factor.

Lesson: When you focus your ATTENTION on your INTENTION you gain MOMENTUM.