4 Keys to Busting Loose

During the past several years I have been accumulating a great deal of research and have been attempting to parse out what the difference has been between those who succeed and those who simply suck during challenging times. I believe I have come up with something that may be beneficial to those of you who are interested. Here are my top 4 Keys that the most successful individuals and organizations follow to bust loose.

1) Attitude:  Simply put, from the beginning you must believe that you are the best. I would be willing to wager one of the reasons anyone who excels is because they have a very healthy belief in their skills. I actually, stole this idea from Roger Seip, co-founder of Freedom Personal Development, who is responsible for teaching me the phrase:

I’m the best! Others may be as good as me, but none are better. I’m the best.

I challenge you all to find your own phrase or mantra and say it everyday for an entire month and than see how much it impacts your performance.

2) Work Harder than Anyone: This does not necessarily mean work more hours although at certain times, you must get out there and put in the hours on your craft. The difference is you must also focus on putting in as many productive hours as possible. That means, along with putting in the hours on your business, you must also be placing a significant amount of time in developing your skill set by listening to recordings, reading books and asking how other successful people in your field maximize their work. What in your business can you do to be more productive in your work hours? If you are lost at how to fit it all in, feel free to check out my previous post on effective time management: Can I Have Some More Hours?

3) Have a Target: It is impossible to hit a target you cannot see. Without direction, you will make very little, if any progress in your business. Set a goal, determine what it will take to accomplish that goal and move toward it.

4) Focus on Service: I could write an entire blog article on this one point but, I will keep this brief and quote one of my mentors, the great Zig Ziglar: “You can have everything you want out of life if you help enough others get what they want.” This idea of service has calmed, excited, relaxed & at times focused me during my presentations cause the saying is true, “It is hard to be nervous when your mind is on service.” I will close with asking, who are you being of service to?

I hope these 4 Keys have been helpful. Let me know your thoughts and if I can be of any help as you bust loose.