Work with David to accomplish your goals!


Your humor and passion are a wicked combination! Thanks for sharing your stories. They are both motivational and inspirational.
— Andie Edmonds
Love your energy! You are amazing. You are in the perfect place to be of service to others.
— Shawn Horsford
I appreciated that David pushed me and never let me settle, I loved that I had someone to hold me accountable for the work. His knowledge and passion for this work and program only helps the student to feel more passionate about truly finding what it is he/she wants out of life.
— Wade Schlichenmayer
During my time training with David, I experienced an analytical way of looking at where I wanted to go. I developed a foundation for myself that will last with me for years if not the rest of my life. Now, looking back I can see where I have made progress in my life and I don’t think I would have accomplished so much so quickly if it wasn’t for our Thursday morning calls
— Trisha Dolan
The reason I wanted David as my coach was because he was such a positive influence and inspiration at the Abundant Living Retreat, what I later realized was that his coaching method was exactly what I needed. He reinforced everything taught and used positive encouragement. I found that to be incredibly beneficial. Since the retreat and our calls I can confidently and honestly say my life is immensely blessed. This has been one of the best years of my life!
— Malinda Money
So funny. Refreshing to have material presented with humor… It was indeed a privilege to witness the manner in which David emphasized his message. The hilarity was a perfect compliment
— Paul Barritt Flatt
Awesome speaker and definitely knows how to get an audience laughing! Really inspiring.
— Mathew Bliss
Second time – still fabulous – David is knowledgeable, high energy, fun and sincere. He is the best. Keeps it fresh and interesting. If you can’t learn from David, then check your pulse. I have used what I learned the last workshop and can put more to use after this one. This training was worth every dime and minute spent. Love it!
— Dana Morgan
The program was so helpful. I gained focus and got back in touch with what I truly want. I now finally have a clear specific direction in life that I am fired up to go after. This is exactly what I wanted. I feel I have tools to help me get these things. I also have fire again and hope that I can actually have a career in the arts again. It has destroyed my cynicism because I feel more in control of my life and less at the mercy of others in my business.
— Hillary Parker